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Currently there are no teas in stock. This will change soon. Below is a list of previously sourced teas, their supplier, and a brief description.
  1. Taiwan
    1. Wangs
      1. Oriental Beauty
        1. bug bitten oolong tea, charcoal roasted
        2. sweet and floral
      2. Ti Kwan Yin
        1. organic oolong tea, charcoal roasted
        2. dark roasted and rich
  2. India
    1. Rid
      1. Fallap
        1. puehr processed black tea, bamboo roasted
        2. I don’t even fucking know, but I’m excited
      2. Other Tea. Rid has many. Not sure what to get, or what is affordable enough while India is in turmoil.
  3. Japan
    1. Farmer Dan
      1. Sencha 1
      2. Sencha 2
      3. Hojicha
      4. Matcha
  4. Yunnan
    1. Ethan
      1. Red Tea
        1. Dark
      2. Red Tea
        1. Light
      3. Black Tea
        1. The best tea, but it’s just called “Black Tea”
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